Navin Varma

Engineering Leader based in California. I'm curious by nature, build software for a living, moonlighted as a singer, songwriter and music producer in the past. This is my personal website.

Demo Description Year Github
CSV2Dataset An experiment in using Sping Boot web app to manage your CSV files by converting them to Avro format and managing their metadata. 2022 csv2dataset
Mortgage Analysis This project analyzes Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CPFB) data that is aggregated by state, metro and non-metro areas, and county. Built using Python (pandas), JupyterLab and StreamLit. 2022 MortgageAnalysis
Simple Health Tracker A web app that is useful for daily logging of blood pressure, glucose, weight and meal information to send directly to your email for tracking. 2021 SimpleHealthTracker
House Hunt A shinyR based app I built to filter and find comparable real estate listings in the Alameda & Contra Cost county area. 2018 househunt
Edu Explore A web app that is a crowd-sourced research website for comparing college programs. 2017 eduExplore
Angry Consumer! A web app that provides filtering and visualizations for compliants received by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB). 2016 AngryConsumer